Writing_Mombie (writing_mombie) wrote,

The irony in the ban of veiling

We have all been hearing and reading about it in the media: burkas are seemingly not helping the integration of so called foreigners into our society.
I'd love to put at least half of the used words between quotation marks!!

Where to start?!...
1. A burka is only one type of several versions of veiling. Before talking about it, we should at least have the decency to inform ourselves about the main content of the topic.

2. Who is responsible for a successful integration? Only the so called foreigners?  Nope, it goes both ways! By undermining their believes and traditions, we are definitely not helping them to feel welcome.

3. Why are they foreigners?  Maybe we should stop feeling privileged only because we were lucky enough to be born in a country that is momentarily not in war. A country that is on the other side of the coin, meaning: selling weapons instead of having to face the consequences of exactly these in civil war. Why don't we start to realise that we are ONE WORLD?

Okay, I fully understand how scared people are. I am too, I admit it. But I am not scared of people that flee their countries or simply look different than me. I am scared of violence, terrorism of all kinds: racists, extremists....

In banning tschadors, nikabs and other types of veiling, we will only make the gap bigger. We claim to be a modern society that offers freedom and peace. And we show that on fining fees for wearing clothes that certain people have a problem with?

Sounds illogical, right?


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