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You think rubber duckies are cute? Let me show you something:

I made an experiment and what I found was more than gross.
You can see the video here:


The experiment in pictures:

I wanted to see how clean the water toys of my kids are. I mean, I am pretty picky about that and so I always make sure that they are empty and dry. At least, I thought that they were dry but seemingly, it wasn't enough.

Look at this cute rubber ducky:

How can this be gross and/or even unhealthy?!

Well, why don't you cut one of your kids' rubber duckies open and see for your self.... I'd love to see your results (please post here underneath or on my Twitter or FB page)!!

Here are my results:

Even worse:

This grew inside the rubber ducky altough I had always squeezed out the water and had it dry in the sun and/or on the heating:

Not so cute anymore, right?
Check out the video on:

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